Return & Exchange Policy


Return Policy:
We aim to provide our customers with high-quality garments, suitable for everyone. In case you don’t get your desired product, you can always return it to us. There can be several reasons for your return including receiving an incorrect size (this does not apply when you got the correct size but it is not fitting you), or a different product by mistake. In a situation like this, you can use our return policy.

Exchange Policy:
In case of any situation mentioned above, you can also avail yourself of our exchange policy. It’s valid only when given an authentic reason. In case you get the correct size, but it is not fitting you, you can order the product again at a discounted price.

There are 5 days available for easy return and exchange. So if you receive your order and it has any issues, you can contact us within the first 5 days after you have received your product. Only then, you avail of our 30-day return and exchange policy.

Please note that we do not offer any return or exchanges if the customer does not like the product or changes his/her mind.

Rules and Regulations of Return and Exchange Policy:
Before applying for our return or exchange, please read out the following:

Your product should remain in the same condition in which you received it.
The product should not be washed or used.
The product should not be altered, or cut in any place, otherwise it won’t be accepted.
There should be no stains on it.
Make sure you contact us regarding your return or exchange within 5 days, after that no requests will be entertained.

Procedure for Return and Exchange
If you want to avail of this feature, you need to take a picture of the product you want to return or exchange, write an email with the picture attached and state your problem in it. Send us this email at We’ll look into it and respond within 30 days.