How We Protect Your Information and Respect Your Privacy

It is important that before you shop from our website you go through our policies. They are specially designed for you to have an amazing user-friendly experience.

  • Why do we collect your information/data?

It’s collected to deliver your order. Furthermore, we never share, sell, rent or lease your personal info with any third parties. Your most basic information is shared with the courier company tasked to complete your delivery.

  • What information do we collect?

Information like your name, email address, postal address, phone number, and delivery address is collected. This information is necessary when you’re purchasing from our website. But even if you’re not shopping you can have easy access to our website without having to sign up or log in. Your information will only be needed if you’ll buy anything.

  • How do we protect your information/data?

To protect our customers from the risk of hacking their data, we use special measures to secure them. We have deployed the SSL (Secure Server Layer) to protect our customers. This way whatever data you enter on the website is secure and encrypted. Be it your credit card information or PayPal account details, no one can reach it here.

  • Do we keep your data even after the completion of delivery?

No, as soon as your delivery is made we get rid of the information you provide for the payment. But we keep your general information like your name, address, email and phone number. This is to keep in contact with you and provide you with upcoming sales, etc.

  • Do we use cookies?

Yes. We use cookies to give you an excellent experience on our website. We can get to know about your preferences and non-preferences through them. There are pieces of data files gathered by the web browser. But this only happens with your consent. After you give us your permission, we start collecting these files. If you revisit our website in the future, we make sure you continue from where you left off through the use of cookies.

  • Do we possess any Children’s Privacy Protection Policy?

We have COPPA which is the Children Online Privacy Protection Act. This makes it easier for us to catch mischievous children and not trade with them. The act is used to stop trading with children under the age of 13.

  • How can you get in touch with our customer care department?

If you have any further queries while shopping you can contact our customer care service through They respond within 24 hours.